Bluestar Boutique

Bluestar Boutique is a new independent online fashion destination run by myself. I am a busy Mum of three and always on the look out for clothes that fit in with my hectic lifestyle, as well as not being left behind in the style stakes. As we all know having children brings it’s own challenges and sometime Mummies, clothes, fashion and style get left behind.

Our hand selected clothes focus on easy wearing, comfort and effortless fashion. Quirky slogan T-shirts, stylish hoodies and bold prints. I try everything before it goes on line so I can relay to you the fit and the feel and how I would wear it.

Our Bluestar Original Cross Neck Hoodies are our bestseller to date. They are soft, long enough in the body to cover the Mum Tum and the cross neck adds a touch of style. Whether it’s the school run, dog walks or simply lounging at home, they are so useful. They are currently available in Charcoal, Nude and Baby Pink and just £38.99.

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